Essential Steps on How to get Bartender License Easily

Tips on how to get bartender license and certificate

So you have decided to become a bartender, and you wonder if you need a bartender license to be one. Depending on the situation the answers varies. If the establishment that you are applying does require bartender license, then it is a definite no. However, if the bar or establishment requires their bartenders to have … Read more

How to Write the Best Bartender Job Description and Get Hired Fast!

Bartender Job Description Epic Guide

If you are looking for a good bartender for your establishment, you must create an excellent and comprehensive bartender job description in your employment advertisement that you will post on a careers pages or online job boards. A well-made bartender job description can attract a potential employee to tend the bar that is skilled in … Read more

Where to get License in Largest Bartender School in Madison – Wisconsin

What are the various requirements when enrolling in a bartending school in Wisconsin? If you’re the type of person who plans on taking bartending as a career, you might want to attend a bartending school. Attending a bartending school (or even an online bartending school) and enrolling in several bartender classes is an optional choice. … Read more