The Best Ways to Tip a Professional Bartender

Giving a professional bartender some superb and generous tips.

Whether you are eating at a restaurant or having a cold beer or two in a bar one thing that they expect after paying for your meal or drinks is the tip.

What is a tip and why is it so special? Tips are additional sums of money paid for services rendered. You are the actual price for services or goods and at the same time giving a little extra money if you found the services and products to your liking. Note that tips can be found anywhere not just in bars and restaurants.
Etiquette and social customs dictate the amount of tips paid to services like bartender jobs. These customs each have a difference depending on the setting and country. In some places, tipping is expected from a customer while some places look at tipping with disapproval and may consider it an insult.

When it comes to bartenders, the tip given to them is vital. Bartender tips are given to those who serve beer and cocktails in a satisfactory way. In fact giving generous tips to those guys who serve you in very satisfactory can have a positive effect on how he or she serves you in bartending.
A bartender working in cocktail lounges, dive bars and just doing table services will always expect a tip (unless forbidden by establishment’s management) after serving you. It is a fact of life that bad tipping can result in poor service like unbalanced drinks or meals being served late to state a few examples. This action is the serving guy’s way of saying that your tips suck. Even if you go another establishment, and your tipping skills is still wrong you will be facing a poor service again.

Excellent bartender tips are your way of saying that you appreciate what the other guy is doing as well as completing his or her cocktails, or any other drinks are excellent. In fact, tipping will make the guy who is doing the bartending look favorably on you. You can expect to be given priority while being accorded service or serve you an excellent cocktail on the house. These might not be part of a bartender jobs description, but you’d be surprised how some people are willing to accommodate.

That said it is important that your tipping practices should be up to par to the situations that require tips. Here are some reliable rules to remember when tipping:

→ Give a generous, but reasonable amount when tipping

A generous tip is usually around $20 to $100 per round. If you think that the cocktails served to you are perfect, and then you decide whether to increase the amount of money to tip.

However, remember to make it clear to the bartender attending to you that he or she can expect a generous tip if he or she is doing their bartending and serving jobs. Bartender tips can be your way of saying that you expect an excellent service and good drinks to consume.

→ Deciding whether to tip with cash or credit

At the surface, the decision of using cash or credit card to tip a helpful bartender is no big thing. The decision making may not be a big thing, but the guy doing the bartending would rather prefer cash.

When using a credit card to tip, you have a hard time knowing if the entire gratuity will end up in your bank account. Depending on the policy of the bar or restaurant the amount of the tip is reduced, or the payout is slow. As you can see credit card tipping does some small problems.

Using cash to pay the bartender tips is simpler, and it is more preferred by the guy who is doing the bartending. Paying in cash for tips makes it easy for the guy who has too much on his plate when doing his or her bartender jobs. Some examples are:

  • Saves time for your server – It is easier to give the change for cash tips are easier since there is cash on hand in the cash register. A lot of valuable is used up looking for the establishment’s personnel (like the manager for example) when trying to deal with credit cards. This act eases the burden of the guy’s bartender jobs.
  • Allows the bartender to get home earlier – The guys doing the bartending job who receive their pay in cash can just hand over the bar or restaurant’s money. The money comes from the cost of beers, cocktails, food and tips. All they have to do is take cash tips and go home. With credit card tips, they have to wait for the manager of the place to get their portion, and the manager does not sometimes arrive late.

→ Tipping for drinks on the house

A drink on the house can be considered a gift for you from the guy who is serving you. Naturally you feel obliged to pay him for the gift. However be careful, paying for the drink may be insulting to the guy who just wants to give you a treat. If you wish to pay for it, try calculating the overall amount you’ve spent on drinks and give him or her 20% as a bartender tips. Tell him or her carefully that you are thankful for the drinks on the house and would like to tip him or her if it is ok.

→ Know the difference of tipping in various bars

In dive bars giving a dollar as a tip for each drink is the usual thing to do. However, in other bars like an upscale type of bar a 20% tip should be enough if the bartender has performed an admirable service.

When your tab is picked up by someone else

Imagine this: you are sipping your cocktails and find them to your taste. You want to give a generous tip to the guy who served you. However, you found out that someone else paid for your cocktails. Normally that would be a nice thing except for the fact that the person who picked up your tab tips poorly. This situation can awkward since you have no real solution on hand. However, if you get the chance to go back to the bar make sure that you tip handsomely. You can offer to pay tip yourself now that you are aware that this kind of problem will show when you are in a bar.

→ Be conscious of that fact of the different tipping customs abroad

The amount of tipping that is acceptable aboard is usually 10 to 12.5 percent. However, some places have their customs about tipping. For example England, in a pub there is no tipping; instead you buy the guy serving you a drink while in a London cocktail bar tipping is the norm.

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On a final note here is some things to bear in mind when tipping:

  • Do not put the tip directly in the bartender’s hand.
  • Do not wave your money around.
  • Tip a big amount if you have doubts about the number that you should tip.
  • Give big tips if you are rich and famous.

Remember a generous tip brings excellent service.