The Best Bartending School Online to Attend In

Online bartending School training

Are you interested in attending an online bartending school? Are these platforms beneficial in elevating your bartending career? Online bartending schools are platforms where one can learn more about mixology and bar service. Most of the courses offered are self-paced. It will depend on your schedule, but there are also quizzes to assess your learnings. … Read more

How to Be A Great Bartender (Easy Way!!)

How to Become Best Best bartender In the World

A bartending job sounds all fun and glam for outsiders. A skilled bartender can keep clients happy and satisfied despite working on a full-packed bar or restaurant! However, not everyone can keep up with the duties and responsibilities that this job calls for. One has to have the physical stamina, people skills, and prioritization abilities … Read more

10 Best Roof Top Bar in Birmingham

Located in England’s West Midlands region, Birmingham is an urban metropolis with various Industrial Revolution-era landmarks. In this city, one would feel enveloped in the beauty of both past and present. It has multiple quirky bars, a network of canals, and exciting places to explore. Even locals would admit to not having visited everything around … Read more

How to Write the Best Bartender Job Description and Get Hired Fast!

Bartender Job Description Epic Guide

Are you planning to work as a bartender? You’ve come to the right place! Bartending is a career that’s full of charm, social life, and magical cocktails. It is a fruitful career to pursue even if you don’t have a degree! However, many job seekers cringe at the thought of finding a bartending job, especially … Read more

How To Get Bartender License (Quick Guide)

Tips on how to get bartender license and certificate

Choosing to become a bartender is a great career choice! You can work flexible hours and have plenty of time to enjoy life outside work. Bartending is one of the careers that does not require a degree. But, you can make a good living out of the tips you get at every shift. The duties … Read more

12 Bartender Duties and Responsibilities That You Need To Know

Bartender Duties and responsibilities List

Bartending jobs always sounded like a romantic career to pursue. They would prepare drinks, show off their mixing skills and even listen to your problems for a while. But do you know the responsibilities and duties that come with being a bartender? Have you ever looked at a bartender job description? A bartender does more … Read more