10 Best Roof Top Bar in Birmingham

Located in England’s West Midlands region, Birmingham is an urban metropolis with various Industrial Revolution-era landmarks. In this city, one would feel enveloped in the beauty of both past and present. It has multiple quirky bars, a network of canals, and exciting places to explore. Even locals would admit to not having visited everything around …

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How to Write the Best Bartender Job Description and Get Hired Fast!

Bartender Job Description Epic Guide

Are you planning to work as a bartender? You’ve come to the right place! Bartending is a career that’s full of charm, social life, and magical cocktails. It is a fruitful career to pursue even if you don’t have a degree! However, many job seekers cringe at the thought of finding a bartending job, especially …

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How To Get Bartender License (Quick Guide)

Tips on how to get bartender license and certificate

Choosing to become a bartender is a great career choice! You can work flexible hours and have plenty of time to enjoy life outside work. Bartending is one of the careers that does not require a degree. But, you can make a good living out of the tips you get at every shift. The duties …

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12 Bartender Duties and Responsibilities That You Need To Know

Bartender Duties and responsibilities List

Bartending jobs always sounded like a romantic career to pursue. They would prepare drinks, show off their mixing skills and even listen to your problems for a while. But do you know the responsibilities and duties that come with being a bartender? Have you ever looked at a bartender job description? A bartender does more …

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How Much Do Bartenders Make? Bartender Salary [QUICK GUIDE]

Bartender Salary guide

A bar requires a lot of effort to run. That’s why employers need a bartender that is solely focused on taking customer orders and keeping track of the other front-end employees. There’s a lot involved in being a bartender, from pouring beer and wine to cash handling and menu creation. So, is the money worth …

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