How to Make Your Bartender Career Very Successful [Bartenders Guide]

A long-lasting career in bartending and how to do it the hard way.

Embarking on a lifetime career in bartending is not as easy as you think it is. For one thing, you need to have the skills required for the job and master the basics. You also need a good memory for making drinks, a social personality for the customers and the determination to pursue your chosen career. Naturally you have to learn how to be a bartender by doing the basics first.

Should you manage to succeed in getting a bartending job in some bar or establishment, the next hard part is how to stay for a long time in your chosen vocation. If you are planning to make bartending a lifelong career, you need to know right from the start that it will not be easy. However be assured that while it is hard it can be done. Some bartenders are famous for maintaining a long career as a bartender.


Here is some advice to ensure that will allow your bartender career to be stretch out for an extended period of your life. Note that these are not advice to learn how to be a bartender. The various information given below isn’t a secret; their nature is more of friendly tips. Also adhering to some basic rules and possessing a consistent dedication to your job will help a lot in your bartender career.

  • Wearing the correct and appropriate footwear

How you dress in the place that you are working in as a bartender affects how people view you. Some regular bars go for casual while others like high-end restaurants and fancy bars have a uniform code. However, are you aware that what you wear on your feet is important if not noticeable? The part of your body that most people do not see has a significant role to play in your chosen career.

A bartender job involves only one position: standing. Long hours of standing behind the bar while serving drinks will exhaust your feet. Also, your feet will feel swollen due to the inappropriate footwear or shoes that you are wearing. Try to find the proper shoes for your feet. Having swollen feet after work day by day will dampen your enthusiasm to a lifelong bartending job.

  • Avoid smoke from cigars and cigarettes

Passive smoking like its counterpart known as active smoking is dangerous to one’s health. In fact it passive smoking is even more hazardous. One of the things taught to you when you learn how to be a bartender is that smoking is not allowed in bar or restaurant unless permitted by the owner.

Regardless of whether smoking is permissible or not it is advisable that you the bartender have to avoid any smoke originating cigars and cigarettes. Bear in mind that your job as a bartender needs you to be in good if not perfect health. You could take up hiking or walk in a park or any other nature area to cleanse your lungs with fresh air.

If you are smoker yourself, it is advisable that you stop smoking for the sake of your health. It is bad enough that you are inhaling harmful substances from a cigar’s smokes. It is worse when you are the one who is smoking.

  • Dealing with noises in you workplace

As you work in bar or restaurant as a bartender, you cannot avoid being exposed to lots of noises and sounds. If the establishment you are working employs DJs, singers or plays very loud sound systems you will drown in the entire noisy hubbub. Coupled with exhaustion due to serving drinks and food (especially on a busy day) you’ll be feeling stressed out as well as fatigued. Stress and fatigue combined will hamper your effectiveness as a bartender.

The solution is very simple: get a good night’s sleep with a tranquil setting and no distraction. Better yet try listening to soothing sounds of mantras, birds chirping, nature sounds and calm music. You cannot avoid noises when going for a full-time bartender career, but you take steps to prevent work stress.

  • Refining your pouring and shaking skills

Pouring and shaking may seem mundane for some, but for those pursuing a bartender career these skills are some of the most important aspects of the job. In fact, pouring and shaking are some of the things you’ll learn how to be a bartender.

When pouring a liquor bear these things in mind:

  1. Gauge the right amount of alcohol poured into a drinking glass
  2. Take good care of your wrists. An injury to the mentioned body part will severely hamper your pouring skills.
  3. Liquor bottles that are in the display should have their labels facing the customers.  This arrangement lets the guest see and decide what drink should be poured in his or her drinking glass.

Once you’ve poured the liquor, it is time to shake it next. As a bartender, remember that shaking the drink mixes the contents that in turn will taste great once it has been drunk. There many different styles and rhythm in shaking the customer’s glass. However, the important thing is to get the mixing right. Most people who worked in bartending are famous for their pouring and mixing skill that produces the flavor of liquor just right for their taste.

  • Do a warm-up before going to work

The notion of a warm-up may fit more in a gym setting, but considering that you are bartender job also includes lifting things like cases, bottles, jugs, pitchers, etc. this can crucial. Lifting and moving the things mentioned before can be tiring for your body. This action in turn will wear you out leaving little or no energy for your other bartender duties. You might find yourself quitting your bartender career if you do not develop the stamina to do some strenuous work.

  • Keep practicing your skills

Mixing, shaking and pouring the customer’s drink all requires a degree of skill to someone working in bartending. For some people, skills like this come naturally to them, to others who are learning how to be a bartender they have to learn these skills. Regardless of whether your bartending skills are natural or acquired you still need to practice regularly to maintain it as well as improve those skills.

One good way to practice is to get your body used to the bar movements and apply it outside your bartender job. By continuously doing this kind of practice in your home your will be accustomed to the mechanics in the bar and build up a reflex. It is just like doing gym.

Yes, it may be hard and takes lots perseverance as well as hard work on your part, but embarking on a lifetime bartender career is possible. Bear in mind that the environment that you are working is another determining factor. If you like the establishment that you are working, and your skills are superb, then it is almost a guarantee that you are going to be work as a bartender for a long time.

Famous bartenders like Peter Dorelli (20 years), Salvatore Calabrese and Victor Gower (63 years) have all made their careers to last a long time. If these guys can do it, there’s no reason you cannot do the same thing.

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