Easy Steps on How to Become World’s Best Bartender

Learning how to become a bartender is not that hard, yet it is also not easy. Movies about bartending have various portrayals, but what the movies don’t show is how to be a bartender and be an excellent one. Once you learn the ropes in becoming a bartender, you will have an easier time to excel at your chosen work. Note: The advice below applies to those who take bartending as a sideline and for those who want to make a career out of it.

Fulfill the requirements:

The first step to becoming a bartender is to meet the requirements that the job demands (note this is also applicable to other jobs). Some of the requirements are mandatory while others are optional depending on the establishment or the place.

Age requirements – This job does not employ minors even if they are excellent at doing said job. The minimum age needed to get the job is 18 years old while the maximum age is 19 or 21 years old. Note that the minimum and maximum age requirements differ from each state so be sure to check and inquire carefully. A more detailed list of states with age requirements can be found at the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Commission’s information board for anyone who wants to inquire.

Attending and complete a bartending school – Most establishments have this kind of requirement especially the high-class and inclusive types. Going to this type of school is not necessary, but to if you are going to get this kind of job you might need to have one just to be sure. A diploma for attending and finishing the school can open many opportunities for employment. The information board of the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Commission has a list of the best schools out there.

Be employed as barback or cocktail waitress – You either end up as a barback (males) or cocktail waitress (females) in the establishment you’re working when starting out. Your job here is to be an assistant to the bartender and at the same learn the tricks of the trade. While helping the current or head bartender, you get to learn how to make drinks, to deal with customers, etc. As a barback or cocktail waitress, you also get other duties like restocking supplies, collecting used empty glasses, cleaning the bar, etc.

Fulfilling these requirements is one step of on how to become a bartender

Remember Always the do and don’t on how to be a bartender.How to become a Bartender Guide

What you should do and what you should not do in your job is crucial. You can avoid the stumbling the pitfalls of the job to become the best bartender. It will also help you earn more money through tips or increased wage.


Practice your skills – Mixing the drinks and juggling the glasses requires skill from the practitioner. Practice does make perfect. If you are a flair bartender, constant practice is needed to improve your showmanship skills in serving drinks.

Have a great personality and be friendly – This job is very social in nature since you will meet and give service to many people. Includes being able to work with your co-workers.

Good memory – All those drinks that you make and mix? You need to remember how to make those drinks correctly.

Good manners and proper grooming – Most if not all high-class establishments require you to be your best in personality and looks. These two traits can help you a lot in your work.

Can work under pressure – The job can be fun, but it can be stressful sometimes. Be sure that you have the mental capacity not to break down when the pressure of the job gets too much.


Being lazy – Pretty much self-explanatory. This attitude can often cost you your job since bars, clubs and restaurants do not like lazy employees.

Show-off – Another besetting sin for those who do this work that is often done intentionally or not. Customers, your boss, as well as co-workers, do not like to hear brags, boasts and displays of impression coming from you. Just do your job right without adding any embellishments. The exception to the rules is those who do flair bartending since the job requires the practitioner to show-off.

Neglecting the money – Be sure to collect the due payment that the customer owes you for his/her drink. Remember that half of the bartender salary comes from the paid drinks. If the customer refuse to pay whatever his/her reasons report to your superior at once. Also, you must be good at collecting and handing out the change.

The path on how to become a bartender is not just about skill. Right conduct and personality can play an important part.

What are the jobs of bartender?

The common perception is that the jobs of bartender are about serving and mixing drinks only. The premise is right to some establishments that the bartender drink making is the only kind of task being done, but some do more than serve and mix drinks. Bartenders in some bars and restaurant are used to augment the service like serving food to customers, cleaning the bar when it gets dirty, arranging bottle and glasses to create an attractive display. It also includes checking the customer’s credential to verify if said customer fulfills the age requirement, cleaning glasses and utensils, along with the equipment, bars, tables and work areas. You have mind the supplies like restocking the food and drinks, and dealing (forcibly) with customers who are getting out of control.

How much is a bartender salary?

The overall income often depends on the hourly wage set by the employer and a person’s skills in tending bar are often a factor. The most skillful ones usually earn $32,780 on an average while average ones earn 16,400 a year. Bartender drinks can affect the amount of the bartender salary being earned. Tips paid by customers for the drinks they ordered compromise half of the total salary. If you are that good coupled with a real personality and quality service you can expect customers who order drinks from you to give a large tip generously for such an excellent service rendered.