The Best Bartending School Online to Attend In

Are you interested in attending an online bartending school? Are these platforms beneficial in elevating your bartending career?

Online bartending schools are platforms where one can learn more about mixology and bar service. Most of the courses offered are self-paced. It will depend on your schedule, but there are also quizzes to assess your learnings. Online bartending schools often give professional qualifications or certificates of completion to enhance your CV.

The best online bartending schools provide a wide range of courses. It may cover crucial topics such as bar service, tools, and essential information on classic cocktails. They assist you in reaching your particular goals, whether it’s to work as a professional bartender or make better cocktails at home.

So, let’s learn more about the finest online bartending schools to consider when planning to take up virtual courses.

Harvard Online Bartending Course

Did you know that Harvard University is also well-known for its Ivy League Bartending Academy? Yep, it’s true!

Ben Stoller teaches online bartending classes at this platform. The course features insider knowledge and strategies to help you thrive in the business.

It covers everything you need to know about mixology, including two decades of experience from an expert bartender. For over ten years, Stoller has been teaching people in this course. His aim is for a fun and intriguing class. And he’ll show you how to turn anything other than its color and taste into a drink.

He will teach you how to make the most popular mixed drinks and many more creative new cocktails. One of the best examples in his class is how to construct The Black Russian. It is a popular drink made up of Kahlua, a coffee-flavored liqueur, and Russian Vodka.

Stoller is a genuine chemist. You can observe him combine various sorts of liqueur to create drinks that are both exciting and delicious.

In this online bartending class, you’ll learn the foundations of professional bartending that the Harvard legendary crew established in 1963. It’s taught on Harvard University’s campus, folks! It’s not a frat party. They take it quite seriously there!

Harvard bartending classes are a fantastic place for you to learn how to become a professional bartender. You’ll have lots of fun! It’s even possible to get a certificate from the university, AND a Harvard University alumni will teach you!

A Bar Above Mixology

Would you like to learn how to create unique cocktail recipes? How about getting a bartending certificate or mixology certification?

A Bar Above Mixology is an online learning platform that gives out a bartender certification at the end. If you plan to expand your bartending knowledge and earn your bartending license, this is one of the best online bartending schools for you.

The school founder is Chris Tunstall. His idea is to provide resources beyond the basic and encourage students to create signature cocktails from their mixology courses.

There are two courses in their primary program offered. It covers ingredients and an understanding of classic cocktail components, mixing skills. The mastering of flavors and balanced cocktails. Students will earn the certificate once they pass a two-part exam at the end of the course. This assessment has a multiple-choice test and a practical component. You have to create and present your original recipe for evaluation.

The program allows you to access guided video lessons, cheat sheets, and interactive quizzes. You can read the text materials or watch the videos at your desired time. However, you are expected to complete the course in three to eight weeks. For a fee of $147, you’ll enjoy lifetime access to the materials in this program.


BarSmarts is a program created and sponsored by Pernod Ricard. He owns the second-largest wine and spirits distillery. Through BarSmart, you can build your bartending knowledge and earn a credential in the industry.

The program offers beginning bar knowledge for industry members, bar owners, and cocktail enthusiasts. They present topics including spirits, classic cocktails, cocktail history, and service management covered.

One of the advantages of attending BarSmarts is that they offer a comprehensive curriculum that you can learn at your pace.

The program is instruction is led by celebrities Dale DeGroff and David Wondrich. You get holistic training that covers basic bartending techniques, history, production, tasting, and service management.

BarSmart Bartender Education has four video modules and text materials. According to students, the course was helpful. But extra reading made it easier to pass the exam at the end of each module.

At the end of the course, students need to undergo the DrinkBuilder practical examination. It will test their knowledge of spirits, cocktail recipes, and execution. To pass this exam, a student must choose the right ingredients and execute the cocktail creation properly.

BarSmart Bartending course registration is only $29. Considering the knowledge and certification that you can earn, this is a sure win. However, there is a time limit on the program. Once enrolled, you have to pass it within 60 days to earn the certification.

Diageo Bar Academy

Diageo Bar Academy was founded and curated by one of the world’s largest producers of alcoholic beverages, Diageo. The academy began as part of his effort to increase the quality of bar employees. Thus, they partnered with industry influencers and experts to provide training sessions and drink ideas to Diageo’s network of employees.

They’ve trained thousands of award-winning bartenders across the world. And one of the program’s most significant selling features is its worldwide bar staff community. The school serves as a meeting place for bartenders from all over the world.

The Bar Academy’s courses and modules are intended to serve bar experts. The information is helpful in a variety of bar types and owners wanting to enhance their expertise. It’s one of the most extensive training programs available. There are lessons on high-skill procedures, service abilities, product knowledge, modern cocktails, and business management.

They also offer modules on physical health and well-being, responsible bartending and wine knowledge. It is extra helpful for those working in a highly hectic and stressful industry.

There’s a reason why members stick with the platform. Bar Academy keeps members up to date on industry news and trends. It remains to be an essential resource for any industry professional.


The MasterClass Bartending Course is an opportunity that you do not want to miss out on! It’s one of the best online bartending schools that you’ll find today.

This program has been used by thousands of individuals who are interested in bartending and in earning mixology certification. Most of these people have no prior experience working in the industry, but they still want to pursue a career in this field.

The course covers all topics related to this particular profession, including popular drinks and how to make them quickly. You’ll also learn basic serving techniques of mixing drinks, storing them, and then serving them.

The program includes a book that’s packed full of information on how to be a professional bartender. If you’re an individual who loves bartending and would like to hone your skills in the art, you’ll find this course very interesting, educational, and fun!

The course is available in video training online platform and guided tutorial tastings.


The Jerry program is created by spirits business and bar consultancy firm Proof & Company. They are the World’s second-largest wine firm. This online hub aims to teach and assist hospitality staff in improving their bartending abilities. It is their solution—a simple online training tool for beverage specialists.

They’ve since grown their client base, and the service is now utilized by places like Employees Only and distillers such as Maison Ferrand. Jerry is a digital library of over 125 courses at 60 minutes each. It covers everything a successful bar professional needs to know. You will learn the basics from preparation to beverage kinds to operations fundamentals.

The name is a homage to the godfather of cocktails and author of the first known cocktail recipe book, Jerry Thomas. The course continues that tradition as they teach students classic recipes along with his creative energy and flair.

You may subscribe to the program at $10 per month. Members can access all the 125+ courses at this rate. And although it is marketed for bar professionals, anyone can take up online classes and learn.


Ananas is a one-stop-shop for bar owners and managers that features a learning platform and a comprehensive training program. It’s especially beneficial to proprietors and supervisors because it provides the essential skills necessary to automate team onboarding and synchronize training. However, mixologists are not excluded because bartenders may use the software to oversee their respective trains.

They’ve created Ananas to be a simple online course for training teams and creating consistent experiences. Their philosophy is that while staff members should be empowered, they should also follow standard practices that ensure quality control in the bartending industry.

The program has two levels: Basics and Intermediate. The Basics course is a great place to begin, while more seasoned students may go straight to the Intermediate level. Wine and beer basics and cocktail, bar, and customer service courses are all covered in the Basic level. For example, the Customer Service class covers hosting and how to prepare for a shift.

Their Intermediate level offers more advanced courses such as wines, beers, and spirit-specific classes. They also offer courses that address service or managerial issues like hiring and team management. Plus, there’s a class on how to develop a program for large-scale events.

Cocktail Chemistry is an additional Ananas course that goes beyond the basics of the bar sector. It’s all about chemistry and how it works in classic cocktails. There are five interactive sessions. It includes videos, infographics, quizzes, and animations that help to explain concepts like molecular structure.

The Cocktail Chemistry course is only $10 plus they offer a 10% discount on both levels when you sign up for two courses.

The usual slate of information and history is included. But there are also videos on more unusual themes, such as balancing plates on one arm to keep things interesting.


Udemy provides online bartending courses. The nice thing about these free courses is that they can be completed at your own pace, and you can enroll anytime you like because it doesn’t matter what time of the day or night it is. You won’t feel pressured to study during office hours or any other specific timeframe!

There are many advantages to choosing a complete online bartending school instead of a traditional one. For starters, you’ll have the freedom to choose which country you’d like to study in and when it’s convenient for you.

On Udemy, you’ll discover over 150,000 courses in a range of disciplines. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s culinary arts, winemaking, bartending or wine and spirits education. Bartending is one of the most popular areas on Udemy, with bartender Paul Martin offering a $30 course complete with mixing, garnishing, and classic cocktail creation.

Participants do not need prior knowledge, and the sommelier-author takes participants through gin types, brands to recognize tastes, origins, and cocktails. Batista also teaches courses on cordials, Vodka, tequila, and other esoteric choices.

Udemy’s courses are geared toward those seeking primary bar education, operations basics, making drinks and making cocktails. The vast majority of them are less than three hours long and are designed to help people who are new to bartending or home bartenders who want to improve their knowledge.

Udemy has free bartending courses but does not provide graduates with a certificate or access to an instructor like the premium versions.

FAQ About Best Online Bartending School

Professional bartender training online

What is an online bartending school?

A virtual or online bartending school is a learning environment where you learn the art of fantastic cocktails and how to create them rather than math or biology. These schools, which are usually structured similarly to those provided in person, are made available online. Most courses may be finished on your own, but many offer interaction with instructors and fellow students.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Taking a Bartending Class Online vs. in Person?

Virtual education allows people to learn more about their favorite bar skills and knowledge while remaining at home. On the other hand, in-person bartending schools can theoretically give a more hands-on instructive experience, so this is something to think about as you make your selection.

How Much Do Bartending Schools on the Internet Cost?

As a rule of thumb, the cost of continuing online experiences like bar schools is determined by the option you select. Some schools, like Diageo Bar Academy and Udemy, offer some free courses, but premium and more in-depth classes with a certificate of completion can range from $20 to $200.

Additionally, it should be remembered that if you carry out the course offline, the costs of purchasing textbooks and other study materials will also have to be included in your budget.

Do I Need to Have Prior Experience If I Enroll in an Online Bartending School?

Any online bartending schools require no experience, and most courses can be completed in just a few days, regardless of whether you’re experienced in the field or not.

Is it Worth it to Attend Online Bartending Schools?

If you want to work as a bartender, attending a bartending school may be well worth it, and certain levels of training might be required. You’ll need a certificate to show that you can do the task depending on the sort of bartending skills job you wish to get and the location.

Online bartending schools can help you learn more about beer, wine, and spirit if you’re a hobbyist. Regardless of your objectives, these institutions provide a comprehensive education in one location that is easily accessible.

How Long Does It Take to Complete an Online Bartending Course?

Attending an online bartending school can vary widely. You can get a class that is 20 minutes long or opt for extensive workshops that are broken into 2-hour modules.

Certification courses frequently need hours of extra reading and research to pass tests. A comprehensive approach that covers a wide range of industry topics and the delivery of professional certification might take longer to complete.


These courses will assist you in achieving your goal of becoming a great bartender. We attempted to include various bartending education and mixology classes that we feel will teach you valuable skills regardless of your skill level. Keep in mind that these programs should be used as a supplement to actual-world training and experience.

You’ll learn the most by doing, not sitting in front of a screen, so get behind the bar and start serving drinks.

Bartending is a form of art, and it necessitates a great deal of technique and some inventiveness and enjoyment. That said, understanding is critical, and you may pick up some valuable hints by taking one of these online courses.